25 Expert Email Marketing Tips

Lots of very useful tips here, in this up to date resource for your email marketing . My favorite tips are:

Tip #2 - Design emails that reinforce your brand. This means let the emails reflect the type of business you are. If you are promoting fun, then make your emails fun. If it is an important announcement, ensure that this is demonstrated in the copy and the use of images.

Tip #3 - Send emails that look good on any device using responsive design. Most good platforms will assist you here, but make sure that you check on your own phone and tablet to see what these devices do to your copy and images.

Tip #13 - Leverage the marketing potential of your transactional emails. Any email that is sent to a customer should be reflecting the brand message and also delivering further marketing messaging that could generate additional and ancillary sales.

Lastly, use the data that the comes from sending these emails, to generate a better engagement rate with your customers. A simple example…send your emails at different times of the day or days of the week and test what happens to open and click rates. This could give you some insights that increase your response rates. There are so many ways to use the data to improve every part of your email marketing - it is the most measurable marketing communication that you will ever use.

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Abramo Ierardo
What does the average Aussie's wealth look like?

There are so many briefs that AML receives that are looking to target “high income” earners. Clarity about this definition is never easy, as income is only really one measure of wealth. The typical brief looks for personal income above $100K per annum. Did you know that this represents 6.2% of the Australia population, 4% earn more and 90% earn less. The trick is to try and look at the whole wealth picture. And perhaps more importantly, looking at behaviour around discretionary income. This is likely to be a better guide to consumer intention around your product category.

To give you a better picture, I have found an article that looks at Average Australian Wealth this may assist in the planning of your next customer acquisition campaign and the targeting of the “right” wealth characteristics.

Abramo Ierardo