About AML

In 1987, when AML started, the list business looked very different. Email was a dream, you dialled the telephone, and mail was the king of DM. So much has changed, yet so much is still the same.

I could tell you that AML is still a leader in the field of providing lists for prospect or customer acquisition campaigns, but really, what AML delivers is the sage advice that comes from experience, and the nimble responsiveness that comes from a young team.

Or, as we like to say, we have young heads on old shoulders. Young heads because we’re up with the latest in direct marketing and work creatively to best assist our clients fulfil their acquisition objectives. Old shoulders because we have been around long enough to shoulder the requirements of working with our clients to the highest professional standards, ignoring the latest schemes or shallow fads to provide sound, professional advice to help grow our clients’ business.

AML was established in 1987 by one of the Australian Direct Marketing Association’s (ADMA) living legends, Stan Gyles, who also authored the definitive Australian book on Direct Marketing. Today’s management is also heavily involved in ADMA and the growth of direct marketing best practice in Australia, being immediate past President of ADMA Victoria, an ADMA Australia board member, and a foundation member of the ADMA Data Council.

AML has enjoyed over 20 years of growth upon growth, building an enviable business on solid DM foundations so that today we can claim the mantle of Australia’s leading supplier of customer acquisition data.

So if you want to build your business in the most effective and efficient way, contact us here now.

Why use a List Broker?

With access to 300 databases, AML is a one stop shop front to all the available lists in Australia, New Zealand, Asia/Pacific, Europe and USA. We have the connections and the expertise to select the right list for your marketing communications campaign.

As a broker, we have no allegiances to any list owner. You receive independent, impartial, expert advice on the right list or segment to target the right people for your next campaign. The best part is that all this is provided FREE. Our reward comes from a commission that is provided by the List Owner. So, you get an expert on your side to choose the best list for your campaign.

Why use AML?

We’ve helped clients generate $150m+ of new business…

That’s right. Since opening our doors in 1987, we estimate we have helped a wide range of businesses and organisations - large, medium and small - generate over $150,000,000 in new business.

Wow! How? Simple! By providing relevant, effective data that matches our clients’ new customer acquisition specifications.

Huh? OK, it used to be called being a list broker supplying mailing lists (hence the derivation of our name: AML - Action Mailing Lists); and while we still happily supply plenty of those lists… “I want to send a brochure to Sydney dentists”… the customer acquisition space has developed greatly. So now we help clients acquire new business through sophisticated direct marketing practices such as predictive modelling, hybrid segmentation, clustering, and geo-demographic modelling… or with a basic mailing, telemarketing, fax, SMS or email list.

The common denominator is supplying you with relevant data to acquire new customer business, matching the specifications you provide. So for instance, if you do business in Australia, we have access to approx 90% of the adult population, broken into classifications as broad as grocery shoppers interested in special deals, to specifics such as CEOs of companies employing more than 5,000 people, interested in the arts, literature, and fine wines, who are considering personal first class travel in the next six months. Or, if you are thinking globally, we have access to tens of millions of names around the world matching a wide range of selection criteria.

…so why not share in the success

The data you need to acquire your next new customer is only a phone call away. +61 (0)3 9686 9700. Or email us here. Or if you already have a fair idea of what you want, let’s get cracking - complete our Campaign Brief here. Or, of course, browse around our informative website to gather more information.

AML - We Eat, Breathe and Live LISTS!.