Performance Media

Also known as Pay-Per-Response or Affiliate Marketing

Key Benefits

  • Build your own database of potential customers

  • Drive relevant traffic to your website

  • Generate sales leads

  • Consumer Market Research

  • Test your consumer offers

  • Build your own prospect pipeline


So, how does this work?

  1. Campaign concept presented to the Networks of Consumer Email Databases

    • Creative/Offer/Concept is presented

    • Network gives estimate on the cost per response

  2. Cost per Response is determined by

    • Number of leads required

    • Timeframe for the campaign

    • Incidence in the Australia population of likely responders

    • Response requirements (fields to be completed, information required, time to complete registration process)

  3. You set a budget and timeframe

    • Budgets can be capped

    • Timeframe can be determined

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What could you ask consumers to do?

  1. Complete an enquiry form on your website

  2. Fill in a survey

  3. Register their interest in a product or service

  4. Enter a competition

  5. Declare a preference for a specific product or service type

  6. Register for further communications

  7. Register their intent to purchase

What do you have to do?

  1. Supply html eDM creative

  2. Set a budget and timeframe

  3. Load a tracking pixel and set up a landing page

  4. Monitor responses

  5. Advise when responses are reaching close to target


What do you get?

  1. Emails will be sent to a target audience at no cost

  2. You only pay for the amount of responses received at the agreed rate

  3. The rate per response will be agreed prior to campaign start

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